"Education consists in fact in enabling man to become more man, to “be” more and not just to “have” more and consequently, through everything he “has”, everything he “possesses”, to “be” man more fully. For this purpose man must be able to “be more” not only “with others”, but also “for others”.

St. John Paul II



Welcome on the Website of Saint John Paul II Polish School in St. Louis, Missouri.  Our school exists at the Roman - Catholic Parish of St. Agatha Church that is located in the metropolitan city of St. Louis by the Soulard.  The school offers classes of Polish language, religion as well as Polish history and geography from the Preschool through High School.  The main goal of our school is to teach the young generation about the Polish traditions through learning and developing Polish language in historical and literary context.  The school focuses on the quality of education, dialog in understanding the needs and goals of individual students, and also the importance of teaching moral values in respect to other people.

Anybody interested in the Polish School is welcome to visit our website for details.

Małgorzata Moll

School principal


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